Within the project “piccoli grandi musei” (Little Big Museums) for the promotion of the museums scattered throughout the territory, the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze presents, in the Florentine and Arezzo Valdarno areas, the Renaissance in Valdarno exhibition. It is the occasion for an exceptional comparison between the masterpieces housed in such “Little Big Museums” and famous works of art from important museums and churches in Florence.

In the Museums of Sacred Art of Vallombrosa, Cascia di Reggello, Figline, San Giovanni and Montevarchi are on display works of art of extraordinary importance and quality, that are ascribable, in particular, to the Renaissance, the great artistic and cultural period that characterized the 15th century in Florence, and whose fundamental forerunner had been Giotto, the recognized father of western art.

The comparison between these masterpieces highlights the importance and quality of the works produced by the great masters for the churches in the territory, which were not inferior to the ones carried out for the Florentine churches. Italy’s widespread heritage can rightly be considered an “Open Air Museum”. From this point of view, the exhibition Renaissance in Valdarno, will highlight and promote the extraordinary flourishing of the arts – from the early 14th century to the end of the 15th – experienced by both Florence and Valdarno.